Meet Amanda

Good health starts in the womb and not once your baby is born™

Amanda HargreavesHello, I’m Amanda, leading women’s fitness consultant and mother of my pride and joy, Georgia.

I know that many women have concerns about exercising whilst pregnant – and about getting their figure back afterwards. That’s why I spent over three years designing and producing an exercise programme that helps you work out safely and effectively, throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Let me tell you a bit about my journey…

My Eureka moment

I have been training clients for many years now, with a range of needs; from cancer sufferers to the clinically obese, not to mention your average weight watcher! But it was after my own pregnancy that I became inspired to specialise in training with pregnant women.

Georgia came into my life one sunny day in 2000 and life has never been the same since. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. But having continued to work out right up until the week that she was born, something that did return to normal – and fast – was my figure.

My tummy went flat so very fast, plus I hardly put on any weight through my pregnancy, for 2 reasons:

1. I was sticking to a healthy nutritious meal plan and most importantly also training my muscles over a considerable period.

2. The muscles become much stronger and developed endurance through the creation of more muscle tissue with training. This is known as “muscle memory” and it is the reason that you can return to your pre-pregnancy shape so quickly.

That was when the penny dropped that it is not just possible, but crucial, to train right through pregnancy – and what a difference it can make post-natal.

Every woman can achieve the results that I had

I wanted the world to know that every woman can achieve the results that I had, not just fitness experts like myself. So I embarked on the rewarding specialism of training pregnant women, spreading the word that the bump can be banished quickly with a little effort.

But I soon discovered that so many pregnant women are concerned, confused and ill-informed about how to keep in shape safely and in their own time. For example, very few women understood that exercising during pregnancy could reduce complications, speed recovery and lessen illnesses.

I was seeing great results with my clients, both in the gym and through home tuition, but I wanted to shout my message from the rooftops. I knew just the thing to get more women working out at home… and so 10-Minute Pre and Post Natal Workouts was born!

Safe, easy and very effective

In 2006, I set to work on 10-Minute Pre and Post Natal Workouts – the complete video workout for women before, during and after pregnancy. I knew it had to be safe and easy but very effective. I knew it had to be suitable for beginners and regular exercisers, first-time mums and full-time jugglers alike. I knew it had to include everything from workouts to nutrition and health advice. And I knew I had my work cut out for me!

From designing the programme and finding our mum, Philippa, to filming each trimester and securing medical accreditation, the journey was undertaken with real women in mind. The exercises work the whole body, strengthen the pelvic floor and get you ready for the rigors of motherhood, plus there is a host of nutrition and health advice. And you can do the workouts in the comfort of your own home, without a trainer, at a time that suits you.

Philippa did just that. Already a mother of one, 37-year old Philippa followed the workouts and was in fantastic shape within just nine weeks of giving birth to Sebastian. I am not promising that 10-Minute Pre and Post Natal Workouts will turn you into a supermodel. But I can promise that, if you follow my instructions – even for just 10 minutes a day – you will get results. The workouts can be made harder and longer for regular exercisers.

10-Minute Pre and Post Natal Workouts is the result of that hard work, plus a lot of passion thrown in. Keep an eye on this website for more from me in soon!