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The reason I’m bringing you these links is to highlight the constant stream of confusing information about health matters that appears in the media.

Every week a new medical study or survey arrives with the results reported as being both good and bad for your health. With so much confusion around, how is one expected to change anything for the better?

My aim is to improve this situation by helping you to obtain the knowledge that you need to achieve your own health and fitness goals.

Two glasses of wine a week ‘cut asthma risk’ compared to heavy drinkers

Researchers found that those who stayed within six units a week – the equivalent of three glasses of wine – had the lowest risk, with less than 4 per cent developing asthma.

Red wine ingredient protects against heart disease and diabetes

According to researchers from Maastricht University an active ingredient in red grapes can lower blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.

A glass of wine a day strengthens the bones (but bad news for the boys as beer has no effect)

According to researchers from the University of East Anglia and Kings College London a glass of wine can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Alcohol DOES give you cancer, say scientists… bit of a downer for Friday night down the pub

Researchers in Maryland found that when alcohol is broken down by the body it can cause DNA damage that may lead to dangerous changes to the cells.

Two glasses of wine a week ‘cut asthma risk’ compared to heavy drinkers

Researchers found that those who stayed within six units a week – the equivalent of three glasses of wine – had the lowest risk, with less than 4 per cent developing asthma.

What alcohol does to our bodies

Most people know that drinking too much alcohol is a bad thing – but are we really aware of the many ways it can damage our health?

Good news for red wine lovers – key ingredient halts breast cancer by blocking female hormone

Resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes, could halt the development of the disease by blocking the growth effects of oestrogen, say scientists at the University of Calabria in Italy.

A bottle of wine a day should NOT be classed as binge drinking: Alcohol expert suggests 8 units is safe (as long as you don’t exceed weekly limit)

Alcohol guidelines should be updated to include a maximum number of units that should ever be consumed on one day, according to an expect from Northumbria University.

Cheers to a pint of bone builder: Older women could guard against osteoporosis by drinking beer

A new study has shown that ale is an ideal source of dietary silicon, which is crucial in the formation of new bone. Bone is continuously being lost and reformed and silicon is vital for helping to renew it.

A glass of wine a day can stop people piling on the pounds and even help you LOSE weight

Alcohol has always been thought to trigger weight gain because of its high sugar content, but new research suggests a glass a day could form part of any diet plan.

Drinks retailer Diageo is to fund a health campaign aiming to educate women in England and Wales on the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy.

Drinking during pregnancy ‘triples risk of premature birth’

Those who got through at least 20 units of alcohol a week, or one large glass of wine a day during pregnancy – ran three times as high a risk as the tee-totallers of giving birth very prematurely.

Light drinking during pregnancy ‘is safe’ and will not harm your baby, claim experts

Enjoying one or two glasses of wine a week – about two units – does not raise the risk of premature birth or impair the foetus’s growth.

Light drinking ‘no risk to baby’

Drinking one or two units of alcohol a week during pregnancy does not raise the risk of developmental problems in the child, suggests research.

Raise a glass to healthy old age: Women in their 50s told two drinks a day can fight off illness

The U.S. researchers warn against teetotallers taking up drinking after years of abstinence, but the findings will be toasted by those who like a gin and tonic in the evening.

Why a glass of red wine could win the battle of the bulge

Resveratrol, the ‘miracle ingredient’ in red wine, credited with warding off a host of ills from old age to cancer, may provide exercise benefits without moving a muscle.

Deadly risk of sharing a bottle of wine over dinner: ‘Suburban tipplers’ increasing their chances of cancer and stroke

‘Suburban tipplers’ who regularly have wine with their evening meal significantly increase their susceptibility to conditions such as cancer and stroke.

A study showed that middle-aged women who drink a small amount of alcohol a day were more likely to be free of major chronic illnesses after age 70.