The reason I’m bringing you these links is to highlight the constant stream of confusing information about health matters that appears in the media.

Every week a new medical study or survey arrives with the results reported as being both good and bad for your health. With so much confusion around, how is one expected to change anything for the better?

My aim is to improve this situation by helping you to obtain the knowledge that you need to achieve your own health and fitness goals.

Soaring obesity levels means NHS is now spending 8% of its entire medicines bill treating diabetes

Most of the rise – which costs the NHS £725million a year – is down to the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity and unhealthy lifestyles.


Diabetes drugs bill ‘on the rise’

The rising rates of diabetes mean the condition now accounts for nearly a 10th of the annual NHS drugs bill in England, official figures show.


Mothers’ diet link to diabetes

Scientists say they have found a mechanism which may explain why a poor diet during pregnancy can increase the risk of offspring developing diabetes.


White rice ‘raises diabetes risk’

Replacing white rice with whole grain foods in the diet can cut the risk of diabetes by a third, say researchers.


Diabetes rises by 50% in five years fuelled by soaring levels of obesity

Some three million adults and children now have the condition, after an increase of more than 117,000 in the past 12 months alone, the Diabetes UK charity warns.


Scientists at Joslin Diabetes Center have found how obesity drives insulin resistance, the condition that may lead to type 2 diabetes


Daily pill that could reverse diabetes brings hope to millions of sufferers

Scientists from Washington University found a compound, produced naturally by the body, that can restore normal blood sugar metabolism.