The reason I’m bringing you these links is to highlight the constant stream of confusing information about health matters that appears in the media.

Every week a new medical study or survey arrives with the results reported as being both good and bad for your health. With so much confusion around, how is one expected to change anything for the better?

My aim is to improve this situation by helping you to obtain the knowledge that you need to achieve your own health and fitness goals.

Just 15 minutes of exercise a day ‘increases your life expectancy by THREE YEARS’

People who say they are too busy to exercise now have little excuse, after scientists in Taiwan found just 15 minutes of activity a day is enough to lengthen your life.


A 15-minute daily workout will ‘put three years on your life’

Just a short burst of vigorous activity, rather than gruelling hours at the gym, reduces the risk of dying early by 14 per cent, according to new research.


Weights ‘may help with arthritis’

A regular weight training regime may help treat rheumatoid arthritis, research suggests.


How a vigorous workout can keep burning calories all day

However, to get the extra calorie-burning benefits, the workout needs to be enough that ‘you’re sweating, your body temperature is up and your heart beats fast’.


In a study of people with serious depression that wasn’t responding to an antidepressant, vigorous exercise was as effective as or more effective than adding a second medication for achieving remission.


Exercise a ‘super drug’ for cancer survivors and can stop disease returning

A review of more than 60 studies for the charity found that being active during treatment does not worsen fatigue and has positive effects on mood and wellbeing.


Cancer patients ‘must exercise’

All patients undergoing cancer treatment should be told to do 150 minutes of physical exercise every week, says a report by Macmillan Cancer Support.


Office workers urged to ‘do more exercise’, as one in three left out of breath by stairs

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said a poll of 2,000 adults showed that women were more likely than men to admit that simple everyday activities left them out of puff.


Fatal toll of fragile bones: Osteoporosis kills 1,100 a month – and causes millions needless agony

It is a crippling disease affecting thousands of women — and men — every year. Too often the warning signs are missed by doctors, with devastating consequences.


Exercise ‘offers drug-free way of preventing migraines without unpleasant side-effects’

Going for a regular workout works just as well at preventing migraines as a common prescription drug, say scientists at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.


How Exercise Can Strengthen the Brain

For the first time scientists showed that, in mice at least, exercise spurs the development of mitochondria in brain cells and may make the brain more fit, similar to the way exercise makes muscles stronger


Some 10 million Americans have osteoporosis, and 34 million more with low bone mass are at risk of developing this silent disease.