Power Plate® Workouts

Get the most out of your Power Plate®
with easy to follow exercise videos

Power Plate® Workouts

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who have invested in Power Plate® machines for the home, only to discover that they don’t know how best to get results – or are concerned about using the equipment safely whilst juggling the workout charts! That’s why I designed Power Plate® Workout videos for beginner and intermediate users.

The videos are a fantastic way to get the most of your Power Plate® machine, whether you are hoping to lose weight, get a flatter stomach or just to maintain an overall better conditioned body. They’re easy to follow, safe and highly effective to getting the best results from your Power Plate® sessions.

The good news is that just 15 minutes, every other day, is enough to achieve results, whatever your fitness level or goal. And there are so many different exercises you can do on the plates that you’ll never get bored with your workouts again.

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