Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform all your exercises as a complete beginner to exercise?

What exercises should I not perform whilst pregnant?

I train about 4 times a week do I have to stop training now I am pregnant?

How many times a week can I train?

Can I perform workouts even if I am not pregnant but wanting to get pregnant?

How do I know my limits?

If I don’t have any items used in the workouts what do you suggest I use?

How can the exercises be made harder for a regular exerciser?

Why is exercising so important in pregnancy?

Is it safe to exercise whilst pregnant?

Can I perform all the exercises just using a fitness band?

How will I know to slow down?

Why is it so important to perform pelvic floor exercises?

I am in my 2nd Trimester can I still start the workouts?

Will the exercises help me with lower back pain?

Can I exercise if I suffer High blood pressure?

What can you suggest to help reduce swelling?

Can I keep running now I am pregnant?

What activities would you suggest I do?

Why is exercise important after giving birth?

When can I start exercising after a natural birth or caesarean birth?

Will the exercises also work as my warm up?

What suggested activities would you recommend as a good warm up?

Can you stick to the same fitness routine as before pregnancy?

What activities should I avoid while I am pregnant?

How long should I take my folic acid for?

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