General Health & Fitness Testimonials

The results have been amazing even at the age of 49

I would just like to thank Amanda for all her patience and hard work with me. Over the last couple of months I came across Amanda whilst buying a DVD for a Power PlateI had just bought.She got in touch with me and we chatted regarding what it was I wanted to achieve. I explained I was getting married and I needed to get into my beautiful wedding dress. I had yet again been on a fad diet and had actually put weight on.

I told Amanda that for the last 20 years I had been a yoyo dieter mixed with exercise. Nothing had worked long term. In the past I have been on slim fast, cabbage soup diet, Atkins, Cambridge diet and weight watchers just to name a few. All seemed to work in the short term but the weight came back and more!

Amanda explained that diets don’t work and healthy eating combined with exercise is the way forward. We came up with a plan and I stuck to it as I totally believed in Amanda. The results have been amazing even at the age of 49 when it makes it much harder. I will continue with the healthy eating plan and will NEVER diet again!

I walked up the aisle and my beautiful husband to be was absolutely blown away!

Thank you once again Amanda you are truly amazing.

- Karen Scott

Amazed with the progress I have made

I have been training with Amanda for nearly two years and have found it hugely beneficial. I do not get much chance for exercise with my job and so this is one way in which I try and keep in shape. Amanda gets the balance just right between pushing me but not driving me so hard that I do not enjoy it.I am amazed with the progress I have made during the time I have been working out with her. She is very flexible and very accommodating – and a thoroughly nice person too!
- Dianne Thompson
Chief Executive, Camelot Group

Simple and fun

At a time when fitness, health and diet has become a complicated and confusing science it is refreshing to find that Amanda promotes the art of keeping fit and healthy as simple and fun.Incorporating common sense and a healthy dose of good humor she works her clients enough to make the sessions count but not so much to put you off exercise for life. With her exercise plans and health regime Amanda gets you back on track and inspires a desire to make simple, effective exercise and healthy eating a part of your day to day life.
- Kirk Jones
Writer/ Film Director

Have lost my unwanted lumps and bumps!

I tried to get fit on my own but lacked the inspiration, motivation and knowledge to maintain a healthy weight loss and fitness programme. Following a recommendation I called Amanda.She transformed the way I approach my training, I feel great, enjoy my workouts and have lost my unwanted lumps and bumps! She is fantastic to work with and has changed my whole attitude to diet and physical conditioning. She is a real professional. Thanks Amanda!
- Lynda Scott-Tomlin
Gerrard Cross, Bucks

I can’t thank Amanda enough

I am a 73 year old consultant pathologist who has suffered with polioemblysum since the age of 28. This resulted in weakness in all four limbs so my wellness capacity is limited.Despite this I am still working and this is mainly to Amanda’s training and expertise. She rehabs me twice a week and that includes walking outside which I never thought I could do, static exercises in a chair and floor exercises.

Earlier this year I had a fall and broke my leg Amanda’s expertise has been instrumental in getting me mobile again, I thought I would not of been able to work again I am due to retire work in December 2008, Amanda was hearing nothing of it and she said to me I will get you back to work by 1st August. Knowing Amanda very well with her drive, motivation and expertise I am happy to say I start back to work on Monday 21st July.

Amanda is a top fitness expert with a wide range of expertise relating to her training in this field which she also promotes through her business.

I can’t thank Amanda enough.

- Dr. P. A. Trott. MA, MB BCHIR (cantab) FRC Path

I am at a higher fitness level than I have been in the last 20 years

Amanda has been my trainer about 2 years and I have found her enthusiasm for getting fit and healthy infectious. I was a 49 year old woman: size 22/24, weighing 16 stone and suffering from back pain. When I started with her, I knew I had to do something about my weight and fitness level. I felt too self-conscious to go to a gym or join a group aerobics class.She started me off at a level that stretched me but did not put me off from wanting to continue. She explains the exercises, how to do it and where it would work on and is very patient when I have problems trying to do it right. She gives wonderful encouragement throughout the session.

She has tailored the training regime to meet my needs and abilities on a session by session basis. She ensures that I do not do any damage to myself and gradually ups the intensity levels of the sessions to ensure that I can cope. At the end of each session I am amazed at how much we have done in the hour.

Her advice on dietary issues has been sound and again realistic.

Over the two years my confidence has been boosted and I have got many complements on how well I look. Thanks to her I am at a higher fitness level than I have been in the last 20 years.

(Note: 24th August 2006, current weight is 13st 10lbs)

- Siobhan Tracey
Gerrard Cross, Bucks

My progress and improvement has been constant and enjoyable

Amanda has been seeing me for more than three years for physiotherapy. I had poliomyelitis in 1962 which left me with weaknesses in all four limbs and the need to adopt a sedentery life style. In the last five years my difficulties have been compounded by the approach of old age so that normal exercises such as swimming became more and more difficult.Amanda’s remedial programme has progressed as I have become stronger and her weekly visits include assisted walking and static excercises both on a chair and on the floor. She has introduced progressively more and more difficult routines so that my current programme includes activities that would have been impossible three years ago.

Amanda achieves a combination of discipline and encouragement so that my progress and improvement has been constant and enjoyable. Without these sessions I would have been generally weaker and probably confined to a wheelchair.

- Dr Peter Trott MB

Made such a difference to the general quality of my life

Amanda and I were introduced in late 2008 by Dr Peter Amoroso who had advised me very strongly to take immediate action to lower my weight, cholesterol level and improve my general fitness.Amanda has helped me in the period between December 2008 and the present to reduce my weight by 21kg to my target of 80kg. Working to Amanda’s guidance and fitness regime I have also improved my fitness level to a very considerable extent and I am now exercising as often as six times each week for up to 45 minutes and I feel so much better for it.

Amanda’s approach can be best described as tough but understanding. It has been most effective. It has made such a difference to the general quality of my life across the board. My cholesterol level is at 4 and my blood pressure and heart rate functions as measured during my recent visit to Dr Amoroso’s practice are those of a “20 year old”.

I hope we can continue working together and I would ask Amanda to feel free to show this to other potential clients as well as invite them to contact me if they wish.

- Wadih F Hanna

A personal trainer of the highest calibre

Amanda was recommended to me to help me with a weak muscular condition I developed in my abdomen following surgery for prostate cancer. She clearly understood my predicament and devised a training programme which was hard but hugely enjoyable, something which I was not expecting as I was feeling low about my condition.We trained regularly for several weeks and she managed to keep my interest going with a mixture of variation of exercise, clear instruction based on a deep knowledge of her subject and a big smile. The fact that she actually trained with me on an adjacent treadmill on the aerobic part of the programme meant I really had no excuse-indeed, it was a positive incentive to keep going!

I really cannot recall having so much fun in the gym while reaping the rewards of a hard workout. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a personal trainer of the highest calibre.

- Nik Mehta