Pregnancy Health & Fitness Testimonials

In the first 6 weeks of my new plan I lost 7lbs and my whole body is toning up

After having my second daughter in March 2006 I was struggling to lose the last stone of excess weight and tone up. The programme a trainer at my local gym had set for me felt like a chore and I was soon making excuses not to go!

I contacted Amanda for some help and advice. Amanda set me a new programme which I can feel works every part of my body but I find the programme really enjoyable and now never miss a session. In the first 6 weeks of my new plan I lost 7lbs and my whole body is toning up.

As I live in North Wales Amanda e-mail’s me a new programme every 6-8 weeks and she is so friendly and approachable I know she is at the other end of an e-mail if I need her advice. With Amanda’s continued support I know I am well on the way to a fitter and slimmer me than I ever thought possible!

- Lisa Davies
Mum to Lauren (6 years) and Alisha (6 months)
Abergele, North Wales

I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in just 12 weeks!

I live in North Wales and was introduced to Amanda by my best friend after I had my second child. I wanted to lose the weight I gained during both my pregnancies. I was quite nervous before we met and thought I might feel a little intimidated by her as she is in such good shape but Amanda is so down to earth she made me feel relaxed straight away.

I starting training eight weeks after having a second child. I train with my best friend who has also recently had a baby. I had had my second caesarean and Amanda tailored a fitness plan for me. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in just twelve weeks! I could see the changes almost straight away like the areas on the hips at the side, they were starting to disapear!

Amanda updates my programme every six to eight week and has even given me tips on eating; what types of food and when to eat them. I am so pleased with my programme, it is a programme I feel confident with as I can already see my results. My best friend and I don’t feel it is a chore to train, it is our time without the children and we both feel that the time flies by when we are training.

- Sarah Davies
Mum to Jake (3 years) and Evie (18 weeks)

Fast results in re-gaining my shape

I really enjoy my weekly training sessions with Amanda. I started training with her 2 years ago, after the birth of my daughter and within a few months regained my pre-pregnancy shape and fitness levels. Amanda then trained me throughout my second pregnancy, which enabled me to manage my weight and fitness, so I felt great! I am convinced this was a key factor in the easy birth of my son and the fast results in re-gaining my shape.

Her style is encouraging and supportive, but don’t be fooled – she works you hard! I find her motivating and inspiring – she looks fantastic and is therefore a great role model for what she does. I would highly recommend her.

- Kim Birnie
Gerrards Cross, Bucks

Very happy to find that my stomach went flat within 6 weeks of giving birth

I am a 43 year old mother to two daughters. I have always been active and enjoyed going to the gym but I needed advice on how to maintain my fitness and figure during both pregnancies and how to get back into shape as quick as possible, as this was important to me.

Amanda gave me invaluable advice on both exercise and nutrition during and after both pregnancies and she gave me an exercise routine which was both enjoyable and maintainable. I was able to remain a healthy weight during my pregnancies and was amazed and very happy to find that my stomach went flat within 6 weeks of giving birth and I had returned to my pre-pregnancy weight within weeks.

Amanda is a beautiful person, kind, gentle, intelligent, spiritual and very fun to be with. She has an amazing passion and drive for helping women stay healthy during pregnancy and afterwards both for the baby and mother and I would highly recommend her pregercise DVD to anyone who is pregnant.

- Julie Williams
Mum to Seren (4 years) and Reanna (2 years)